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L. I. from Bulgaria

Wednesday, 30.01.2013

Natalia’s patient history and her hair mineral results indicated a need for improved nutritional support and for a mild detoxification treatment.

Dear Mrs. Blaurock-Busch,

Hope that I'm not disturbing you (too much) again and that you returned back home from the trips abroad !

We are happy to tell you now - about two weeks since started - that Natalia responds very well to Amino Power. Her general health status looks much better now, she sleeps more calm, she started to interact much more with the people around, her nervousity stages are less and less. We do believe that all these are good signs, the kid is on the right track and we are very grateful to you for that.

Mrs. Blaurock-Busch, my wife would kindly like to ask you, out of your experience with other children or similar cases, for how long the treatment with Amino Power should be like - several months, years ? If longer, after we'll finish the first box, should we make a certain break before going for the second one ?

As came out from the hair test, we understood that Natalia assimilated some toxic metals somewhere in the past, metals which could be the reason for her illness. As we don't know the cause - either genetic, metabolism problems or others, should we go for additional tests to find out, i.e. genetic tests ? And, if the tests will prove that certain enzymes are missing, is there any medication which could repair this problem ?

Thank you very much again for supporting us. We will be looking forward to receiving your kind advices !

Respectfully Yours,