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Air pollution affects Alzheimer

Calderón-Garcidueñas L, Vojdani A, Blaurock-Busch E, Busch Y, Friedle A, Franco-Lira M, Sarathi-Mukherjee P, Martínez-Aguirre X, Park SB, Torres-Jardón R, D'Angiulli A.

Air pollution: neural and tight junction antibodies and combustion metals, the role of barrier breakdown and brain immunity in neurodegeneration.

This important Research, published in the reputable Journal of Alzheimer Disease 2015;43(3):1039-58 demonstrates that combustion metal exposure breaks down the body's natural barriers, including the blood brain barrier.

Abstract (partial)

Air pollution exposure damages epithelial and endothelial barriers and is a robust trigger of tight junction and neural antibodies. Cryptic 'self' tight junction antigens can trigger an autoimmune response potentially contributing to the neuroinflammatory and Alzheimer and Parkinson's pathology. The major factor determining the impact of neural antibodies is the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. Defining the air pollution linkage of the brain/immune system interactions and damage to physical and immunological barriers with short and long term neural detrimental effects to children's and adult brains ought to be of pressing importance for public health.

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